Mobile Device Management Information

Jamf Pro allows you to view management information for each mobile device, including group memberships, Jamf Pro objects that have the mobile device in scope, and more. The following table lists what management information you can view for a mobile device:



Management Commands

  • To cancel a pending management command, click Cancel next to the command.

  • If your environment uses the Healthcare Listener, "Healthcare Listener" is displayed as the value in the Username column for the remote command that is automatically sent to the mobile device. For more information about the Healthcare Listener, see Healthcare Listener.

Configuration Profiles

If your environment uses Shared iPad, you can view a list of configuration profiles for a specific user on that device.

Activation Lock Bypass





Mobile Device Groups


Note: The management information available for a particular device varies depending on the device ownership type, device type, and iOS version. For more information, see Mobile Device Management Capabilities.

Viewing Management Information for a Mobile Device

  1. Log in to Jamf Pro.

  2. Click Devices at the top of the page.

  3. Perform a simple or advanced mobile device search.

  4. Click the device you want to view management information for.
    If you performed a simple search for an item other than mobile devices, you must click Expand images/download/thumbnails/81935958/Icon_Expand.png next to an item to view the devices related to that item.

  5. Click the Management tab, and then click the category you want to view management information for.
    A list of results is displayed.

Related Information

For related information about managing mobile devices, see the following sections in this guide:

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