Jamf Push Proxy

The Jamf Push Proxy enables communication between the Jamf Pro server and devices with Jamf Self Service installed. This communication allows you to send Notification Center notifications to computers and mobile devices with Self Service installed.

Jamf Pro requires a valid proxy server token to authenticate to the Jamf Push Proxy. An assistant in Jamf Pro guides you through the process to request a new proxy server token from the Jamf Authorization Server and upload it to Jamf Pro. The following diagram illustrates the communication between the Jamf Push Proxy and the Apple Push Notification service (APNs), Jamf Pro, and devices in your environment:


Requesting or Renewing a Proxy Server Token


To request or renew a proxy server token, you need a valid Jamf Nation account.

To create a Jamf Nation account, go to:


  1. Log in to Jamf Pro.

  2. In the top-right corner of the page, click Settings images/download/thumbnails/82676248/Icon_Settings_Hover.png .

  3. Click Global Management.

  4. Click Push Certificates images/download/thumbnails/82676248/Push_Certificates.png .

  5. To request and upload a new token, do the following:

    1. Click New and select Get proxy server token from Jamf Authorization Server.

    2. Follow the onscreen instructions to get the proxy server token and upload it to Jamf Pro.

  6. To renew a token, select the existing push proxy, and then click Renew.

    Note: The proxy server token will be renewed automatically; however, you can manually renew it for troubleshooting purposes.

Related Information

For information about the port and protocol used by the Jamf Push Proxy, see the Network Ports Used by Jamf Pro Knowledge Base article.

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