About Distribution Points

Distribution points are servers used to host files for distribution to computers and mobile devices. The following types of files can be distributed from a distribution point using Jamf Pro:

  • Packages

  • Scripts

  • In-house apps

  • In-house books

Jamf Pro supports two types of distribution points:

  • File share distribution points

  • A cloud distribution point

You can use any combination of these types of distribution points.

By default, the first distribution point you add to Jamf Pro is the principal distribution point. The principal distribution point is used by all other distribution points as the authoritative source for all files during replication. You can change the principal distribution point at any time.

Note: On computers with macOS 10.15 or later that do not have an MDM profile, you must use an HTTP, HTTPS, or cloud distribution point to install packages.

When planning your distribution point infrastructure, it is important to understand the differences between each type of distribution point. The following table explains the key differences:


File Share Distribution Point

Cloud Distribution Point


Standard server that is configured to be a distribution point

Distribution point that uses one of the following content delivery networks (CDNs) to host files:

  • Rackspace Cloud Files

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Akamai

  • Jamf Cloud Distribution Service (JCDS)

Maximum Number per Jamf Pro Instance



Server/Platform Requirements

Any server with an Apple Filing Protocol
(AFP) or Server Message Block (SMB) share

Note: File share distribution points cannot be mounted and hosted on the same server.






  • AFP: 548

  • SMB: 139

  • HTTP: 80

  • HTTPS: 443


Authentication Options

  • AFP or SMB:

    • No authentication

    • Username and password

  • HTTP or HTTPS:

    • No authentication

    • Username and password


Files that Can Be Hosted


  • Packages

  • In-house apps

  • In-house books

Parent-Child Capabilities



File Replication Method

Replication to file share distribution points must be initiated from Jamf Admin.

Replication to a cloud distribution point must be initiated from Jamf Admin.

Selective Replication

Not available when replicating to file share distribution points.

Available when replicating to a cloud distribution point if the principal distribution point is a file share distribution point.

The files for replication must be specified in Jamf Pro and the replication initiated from Jamf Admin.

Related Information

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