Jamf Self Service for iOS URL Schemes

You can use URL Schemes to automatically install apps on a mobile device through Jamf Self Service for iOS. This allows you to quickly set up a new mobile device without users having to search for multiple apps in Self Service.

After you have configured a URL scheme, you can provide it to your users (e.g., via email or a webpage). Tapping the URL on a mobile device prompts Self Service to open. Users may need to log in to Self Service in order to complete the installation.

Note: This does not work for app installations that redirect users to the App Store (e.g., apps without volume purchasing licenses available).

To configure a URL scheme, copy the following URL and replace "listOfApps" with the bundle identifiers of the mobile device apps you wish to install:

To locate the app's bundle identifier, navigate to the app in Jamf Pro. The Bundle Identifier field is located on the General pane of the app.

For example, the following URL scheme will automatically install the "Dropbox", "Adobe Photoshop Express", and "Numbers" apps on a mobile device:

You can also provide the URL scheme to your users using a third-party app. To configure this, add the following code snippet to the app and replace the example URL with your URL scheme:

Let URLString = “selfserviceios://appInstall?apps=listOfApps"
if let url = URL(string: URLString) { if UIApplication.shared.canOpenURL(url) { UIApplication.shared.open(url, options: [:], completionHandler: nil) }

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