About Jamf Self Service for Mobile Devices

Jamf Self Service allows users to browse and install mobile device configuration profiles, apps, and books on managed mobile devices. Users can tap their way through Self Service using an intuitive interface.

Jamf Pro allows you to manage every aspect of Self Service, including its installation, authentication, and the items available to users.

There are two kinds of Self Service for mobile devices:

  • Jamf Self Service for iOS—You can use Jamf Pro to group configuration profiles, apps, and books in categories, which makes those items easier to locate in Self Service. If iBeacon monitoring is enabled in your environment, Self Service is the component that detects when a mobile device enters or exits an iBeacon region. In addition, you can send notifications to mobile devices with Self Service installed. Notifications are displayed to users in the following ways:

    • The Self Service app icon displays a badge with the number of notifications that have not been viewed by the user.

    • In Self Service, the Notifications button displays a badge with the number of notifications that have not been viewed by the user. Items are listed in the Notifications area of the app as they are added.

    • (Optional) Each notification can be configured to also display an alert and appear in Notification Center. This requires a proxy server token in Jamf Pro.

    The latest version of the Self Service app available in the App Store requires devices with iOS 11 or later, or iPadOS 13 or later. For more information on the Self Service levels of compatibility, see Jamf Self Service for iOS.
    Jamf Self Service for iOS is available for free from the App Store.

  • Self Service web clip—In addition to configuration profiles, apps, and books, you can use the Self Service web clip to distribute updated MDM profiles to mobile devices for users to install.

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