About In-House Content

Jamf Pro allows you to distribute in-house apps and books directly to computers, mobile devices, and users. In-house apps are enterprise apps developed through the Apple Developer Enterprise Program and books that are not available in the Book Store. You can use Jamf Pro to configure settings for the content, such as the hosting location, distribution method, whether to make the content managed, and which computers, mobile devices, and users should receive it (called "scope").

For more information about in-house content, see In-House Apps and In-House Books.

Hosting Locations

Before you distribute in-house content, it is important to consider where the content will be hosted. There are three hosting locations that you can use:

  • Distribution points—This hosting location is only available if your principal distribution point is the cloud distribution point. To use this hosting location, you upload the content to the principal distribution point when configuring settings for the content in Jamf Pro.

    Note: Content cannot be replicated to file share distribution points.

  • Web server—This hosting location is always available, regardless of what type of distribution point the principal is. To use this hosting location, the content must be hosted on a web server before you distribute it. Then, when you distribute the content, you specify the URL where it is hosted. If your principal distribution point is a file share distribution point, it is recommended that you host large apps or books on a web server.
    Jamf Pro also allows you to configure a JSON Web Token (JWT) to control the distribution of iOS and tvOS in-house apps from a web server. In-house apps downloaded from the Jamf Pro database are automatically secured with JWT. For more information see JSON Web Token for Securing In-House Content.

  • jamfsoftware database (in-house apps only)—If your principal distribution point is a file share distribution point, you can use Jamf Pro to upload the app and host it in the jamfsoftware database.

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