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Updated 18 December 2020

The “Considerations for This Release” section has been updated to provide additional information.

Considerations for This Release

Consider upgrading to Jamf Pro 10.26.1 if the Microsoft Intune integration for macOS is configured in your environment.

When registering with Azure AD via Jamf Self Service for macOS, JamfAAD uses the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) to connect to Azure AD and ensure that the Workplace Join Key is valid. Starting with Jamf Pro 10.26.1, MSAL v1.1.11 or later is used for this connection and may require additional attempts to connect with Microsoft Authentication Services. For instructions on how to configure silent connection attempts so that they do not impact your users daily Workplace Join Key verification experience, see the following Knowledge Base article:

Customizing the JamfAAD Retry Logic for the Microsoft Authentication Library Token Authentication

Bug Fixes

  • [PI-008881] Fixed an issue that prevented the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) binary used by JamfAAD from closing when registering with Azure AD via Self Service. This caused an error page to be incorrectly displayed after the workflow completed.

  • [PI-009086] Fixed and added retry logic for JamfAAD for Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) token authentication to stop incorrectly requiring multiple attempts to connect with Microsoft Authentication Services.

Product Documentation

For information on new features and bug fixes included in 10.26.0, as well as instructions on upgrading Jamf Pro, see the Jamf Pro Release Notes 10.26.0.

For additional Jamf Pro documentation, see the following:

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