User-Assigned Managed Distribution

Jamf Pro allows you to distribute App Store apps, and apps and books purchased in volume to users for managed distribution. Because managed distribution for users is user-based, it involves user registration and user assignments. For more information, see User-Assigned Volume Purchasing Registration and User-Assigned Volume Assignments.

Managed distribution for users requires computers with macOS 10.9 or later and mobile devices with iOS 7 or later. If a computer does not have macOS 10.9 or later and the “Install Automatically/Prompt Users to Install” distribution method is selected, the app will instead be made available in Self Service.

Note: Jamf Pro allows you to distribute apps directly to computers or mobile devices with device-assigned managed distribution. For more information, see Device-Assigned Managed Distribution. If you have apps that were distributed with user-assigned managed distribution and the apps are device-assignable, you can move to device-assigned managed distribution for the apps. For more information, see the Moving from User- to Device-based Volume Purchasing Assignments Knowledge Base article.

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