Books Purchased in Volume

Jamf Pro allows you to distribute books that are available in the Book Store to computers, mobile devices, and users. Jamf Pro provides two distribution methods for Book Store books:

  • Install the book automatically/prompt users to install the book (iOS only)

  • Make the book available in Self Service.

After a book is installed, users can view it using the Books app.

Note: Books available in the Book Store cannot be distributed to personally owned mobile devices.

When you distribute a book available in the Book Store, you add it to Jamf Pro and configure settings for the book. Then, you specify the computers, mobile devices, and users that should receive it (called “scope”).

Note: Removing a target from the scope of a book does not revoke the book license from the user it was assigned to and does not remove the book from any device it was installed on.

Books are enabled by default when added to Jamf Pro. This means you can edit the book details and assign licenses, and the book will be displayed in Self Service or installed on computers and mobile devices based on the selected distribution method.

A book will be automatically disabled in Jamf Pro if it is a managed distribution item that has been removed from the Book Store. You will not be able to assign licenses, and the installation commands will not be sent. The book will not be displayed in Self Service. An automatically disabled managed distribution item will not be removed from computers or mobile devices that already have this item installed.

For more information on purchasing books in volume, see the following Apple documentation:

Distributing a Book Purchased in Volume

  1. Log in to Jamf Pro.

  2. Click Computers, Devices, or Users at the top of the page.

  3. Click eBooks.

  4. Click New images/download/thumbnails/81923073/Icon_New_Button.png .

  5. Select eBook available in the iBooks Store and click Next.

  6. Do one of the following:

    • To add the book by browsing the Book Store, enter the name of the book, choose a Book Store country and click Next. Then click Add for the book you want to add.

    • To add the book by uploading a VPP code spreadsheet, click Choose File and upload the Excel spreadsheet (.xls) that contains VPP codes for the book.

    • To add the book by manually entering information about it, click Enter Manually.

    Note: iBooks files (.ibooks) may need to be added manually.

  7. Use the General pane to configure settings for the book, including the display name and distribution method.
    You can disable a book by deselecting the Enable checkbox. This stops the book's subsequent installations and prevents it from displaying in Self Service. You cannot edit book details if it is disabled.

  8. Click the Scope tab and configure the scope of the book.
    For more information, see Scope.

  9. (Optional) Click the Self Service tab and configure the way the book is displayed in Self Service. You can customize the text displayed in the description for the book in Self Service by using Markdown in the Description field.
    For information about Markdown, see the Using Markdown to Format Text Knowledge Base article.

  10. (Optional) If you have not already uploaded a VPP code spreadsheet, click the VPP Codes tab and upload the Excel spreadsheet (.xls) that contains VPP codes for the book.

    Note: The VPP Codes tab is only displayed if the Free checkbox is not selected.

  11. Click Save.

For books set to the “Install Automatically” distribution method, books are installed the next time mobile devices in the scope check in with Jamf Pro. Users can view installed books with the Books app.

For books set to the ”Make Available in Self Service” distribution method and books that cannot be installed automatically, books are available in Self Service for users to install the next time Self Service is launched.

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