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Updated 19 November 2020

The “Apple Silicon Compatibility Reference” section has been added.

Compatibility with macOS 11

Jamf Pro 10.25.x provides compatibility with macOS Big Sur 11. This includes compatibility for the following management workflows:

  • Enrollment and inventory reporting

  • Configuration profiles

  • App distribution

  • Self Service installation

  • Self Service launches and connections

  • App distribution via Self Service

  • Policies

  • Restricted Software

Compatibility and new feature support are based on testing with the latest Apple beta releases.

Apple Silicon Compatibility for the Jamf Management Framework

The Jamf management framework now supports Macs with Apple silicon*.

*Hardware support is based on testing with the Mac Developer Transition Kit.

Apple Silicon Compatibility Reference

The following table provides an overview of Apple silicon compatibility for Jamf applications and utilities as of version 10.25.2:


Native compatibility via universal macOS binary

Compatibility via Rosetta 2 translation environment

No compatibility (Intel-based Macs required)

Jamf management framework








Jamf Self Service for macOS




Jamf Admin




Jamf Remote








Jamf Pro Server Tools CLI




Jamf Pro Server Tools GUI




Jamf Pro installer for Mac (server)




SIS Importer plug-in




Computer Reporting Capabilities

In Jamf Pro 10.25.2, macOS 11 is reported in inventory as macOS version 11.x.x, which differs from the value reported in Jamf Pro 10.25.1 or earlier. This may impact workflows (e.g., scoping) that use smart groups that include operating system related criteria. To ensure these workflows are not broken, consider the following:

  1. In Jamf Pro, create a new group with the version 11.x.x as criteria.

  2. If this group is used for scoping, add both the new and old groups to the scope.

  3. As counts normalize in the new smart group, the old group can be removed.

Use a similar approach for other workflows that may be affected (e.g., searches).

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