Computer Inventory Information

Jamf Pro stores detailed inventory information for each computer. You can view and edit this information in Jamf Pro. By default, basic inventory information—such as hardware, operating system, storage, and applications—is collected based on the preconfigured “Update Inventory” policy that is created automatically when you install Jamf Pro.

This information is submitted after computers enroll with Jamf Pro and is updated each time the computer checks in and runs the "Update Inventory" policy. For more information, see Computer Inventory Collection.

You can customize Jamf Pro's information collection in the following ways:

Some inventory information is updated by MDM commands. For more information, see Computer Inventory Collection.

For more information about what information Jamf Pro collects for computers, see Computer Inventory Information Reference.

Viewing and Editing Inventory Information

  1. Log in to Jamf Pro.

  2. Click Computers at the top of the page.

  3. Perform a simple or advanced computer search.
    For more information, see Simple Computer Searches or Advanced Computer Searches.

  4. Click the computer you want to view information for.
    If you performed a simple search for an item other than computers, you must click Expand images/download/thumbnails/81549642/Icon_Expand.png next to an item to view the computers related to that item.
    The computer's inventory information is displayed.

  5. To make changes to an editable inventory field, select the category that contains the information you want to edit, click Edit, and make changes as needed.
    If you are editing user and location information, the changes are applied in the Users tab. This specified information is also applied in the inventory information for mobile devices and other computers that the user is assigned to. For information on assigning a user to a computer or removing a user assignment, see User Assignments.

  6. (Optional) To populate computer purchasing information from Apple’s Global Service Exchange (GSX), click Search images/download/thumbnails/81549642/Icon_Search.png to look up and populate information from GSX.

    Note: The Search button is only displayed if you have a GSX connection set up in Jamf Pro.

  7. Click Save.

Related Information

For related information, see the following sections in this guide:

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