What's New in This Release

Bug Fixes

  • [PI-005715] Fixed an issue that displayed a "managing licenses" error when Jamf Pro attempted to assign an app license when Jamf Pro and Apple were out of sync and Jamf Pro failed to recognize that there were no available licenses.

  • [PI-007366] Fixed an issue that prevented content purchased in volume from being assigned to devices when attempting multiple, concurrent device assignments.

  • [PI-008754] Fixed an issue that caused certain commands to loop while enrolling mobile devices with Jamf Pro using a PreStage enrollment.

  • [PI-008818] Fixed an issue that caused an error to occur if there were existing pending commands in Jamf Pro for a user that no longer existed as a user on the computer.

  • [PI-008830] Fixed an issue that could cause MDM commands to be delayed if HTTP/2 was enabled for APNs in Jamf Pro 10.24.1. This caused app installation workflows to fail.

Product Documentation

For information on new features and bug fixes included in 10.24.1, as well as instructions on upgrading Jamf Pro, see the Jamf Pro Release Notes 10.24.1.

For additional Jamf Pro documentation, see the following:

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