VPP Code Distribution for Mobile Devices

Jamf Pro allows you to distribute App Store apps, and apps (including custom apps and apps offered as a Universal Purchase) and books purchased in volume to mobile devices by distributing redeemable VPP codes. When you distribute apps or books using VPP codes, you can track VPP code redemption.

To distribute an app or book to mobile devices using VPP codes, you need an Excel spreadsheet
(.xls) that contains VPP codes for the app or book.

For more information on volume purchasing, visit one of the following websites:

Note: As an alternative to VPP code distribution, Jamf Pro also supports device-based managed distribution for mobile devices and user-based managed distribution for users. For more information, see Managed Distribution for Mobile Devices and User-Based Volume Assignments.

For information on distributing App Store apps and apps purchased in volume to mobile devices using redeemable VPP codes, see App Store Apps.

For information on distributing books to mobile devices using redeemable VPP codes, see Books Available in the iBooks Store.

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