What's New

Support for External Patch Sources

Jamf Pro version 10.2.0 provides a framework for integration with external patch sources. You can expand Jamf Pro patch management functionality by using a server application in your environment or by connecting to a source hosted by the community. Software titles hosted on an external source can be used for patch reporting, patch notifications, and patch policies. You can use the Jamf Pro internal source (which currently provides more than 50 curated software titles) and pair it with external sources to customize a solution for your specific environment.

To learn about the endpoints required by Jamf Pro to host an external patch source in your environment, see the Jamf Pro External Patch Source Endpoints Knowledge Base article.

To connect Jamf Pro to an external patch source, go to Settings > Computer Management > Patch Management.

VPP Accounts Email Notifications Enhancements

The following features have been added to VPP Accounts email notifications:

  • Jamf Pro now allows the email notifications to be sent when the VPP-managed distribution content item has been removed from the App Store or the iBooks Store. To enable VPP account email notifications in Jamf Pro, navigate to Settings > Global Management > VPP Accounts > Notifications.

  • You can now customize the recipients' list of VPP Accounts email notifications. This allows the notifications to be sent to users not registered in Jamf Pro. To manually configure the recipients, navigate to the Scope tab of the notification.

Note: It is recommended that you verify the VPP Accounts email notifications settings after upgrading to Jamf Pro 10.2.0 if your configuration includes the "No more app licenses available" trigger.

Computer Management Capabilities

Added Reporting Capabilities for Security Attribute Fields

  • You can now view the status for Password Type and Minimum Passcode Length in the Local User Account category of a computer’s inventory information.

The Security pane has been added to the Computer Inventory Display settings and the advanced computer search Display tab. The following attribute fields now appear in the Security pane:

  • Gatekeeper

  • System Integrity Protection

  • XProtect Definitions Version

Added Approved Kernel Extensions Payload for Computer Configuration Profiles

You can now configure a list of unique team identifiers and kernel extensions that are allowed to load without user consent on computers with macOS 10.13.2 or later. When you configure the team identifier only, all kernel extensions signed by this team are allowed to load.

For detailed information on changes to kernel extensions in macOS 10.13.2, see the following article from Apple's support website: https://support.apple.com/HT208019

Note: Computers with macOS 10.13.3 or later require User Approved MDM Enrollment to install this payload. The User Approved MDM inventory information will be available in an upcoming release of Jamf Pro.

Mobile Device Management Capabilities

Added DNS Proxy Payload for Mobile Device Configuration Profiles

You can now configure DNS Proxy settings in Jamf Pro for supervised mobile devices with iOS 11 or later.

The DNS Proxy payload enables the Cisco Security Connector app for extended visibility, control, and privacy of iOS devices. The Cisco Security Connector app can be deployed via Jamf Pro.

Apple School Manager User Criteria Enhancements

You can now edit and match Email Address and SIS Username criteria from Apple School Manager to Jamf Pro.

Note: The new Email Address criteria allows you to optionally add a different email address than the Managed Apple ID.

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