About Mobile Device Enrollment

Enrollment is the process of adding iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices to Jamf Pro. Enrolling devices allows you to perform inventory, configuration, security management, and distribution tasks on the devices. When enrolled, inventory information for the devices is submitted to Jamf Pro.

The following table explains the different types of enrollment methods:

Enrollment Method


Use a PreStage enrollment

You can use a PreStage enrollment to configure basic device settings and customize the Setup Assistant experience. This reduces the amount of time and interaction it takes to enroll devices and prepare them for use.

You can also use Apple Configurator 2 and a PreStage enrollment to enroll devices with Jamf Pro, supervise them, and configure device setup.

Note: This enrollment method requires an Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager account. For more information, see Integrating with Automated Device Enrollment.

User-initiated enrollment

You can use the User-Initiated Enrollment settings to customize the enrollment experience for users, including the messaging that displays for each step of the enrollment process. Users can then enroll their own devices by logging in to a web-based enrollment portal and following the onscreen instructions. You can provide this URL by sending it in an email or SMS invitation from Jamf Pro, or through any other means that fit your environment.

User-initiated enrollment is the only method that can be used to enroll personally owned devices.

Use an enrollment profile

You can create an enrollment profile using Jamf Pro and install it on devices by connecting them to a computer via USB. This enrollment method requires Apple Configurator.

Use Apple Configurator enrollment

You can enroll devices with Jamf Pro by connecting them to a computer via USB and using an enrollment URL with Apple Configurator 2.

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