VPP-Managed Distribution for Computers

You can distribute Mac App Store apps and books purchased through Apple's Volume Purchasing (formerly VPP) to computers and users via VPP-managed distribution.

For more information about Volume Purchasing, visit one of the following websites:

Note: As an alternative to VPP-managed distribution, Jamf Pro also supports distributing Mac App Store apps and books to computers by associating redeemable VPP codes with apps and books. For more information, see VPP Code Distribution for Computers.

VPP-Managed Distribution for Computers

Jamf Pro allows you to distribute Mac App Store apps directly to computers for VPP-managed distribution. Because VPP-managed distribution for computers is device-based, VPP user registration is not required and users do not need to provide an Apple ID. Anyone using the computer can access apps distributed to the computer.

With VPP-managed distribution for computers, Jamf Pro has full control of your Mac App Store apps. Jamf Pro can be used to automatically update apps in Jamf Pro and on computers on a schedule, and app updates can be forced at any time. Apps distributed directly to computers do not appear in the user's own Mac App Store purchase history and the apps cannot be updated by users.

VPP-managed distribution for computers requires computers with macOS 10.11 or later. To distribute Mac App Store apps to computers using VPP-managed distribution, you need a VPP account set up in Jamf Pro. For more information, see Integrating with Apple's Volume Purchasing.

To distribute a Mac App Store app directly to a computer, when configuring the app distribution settings, choose the VPP account that purchased the app for VPP-managed distribution. For more information, see Mac App Store Apps.

Note: If you have apps that were distributed with user-based VPP assignments and the apps are device-assignable, you can move to device-based VPP-managed distribution for the apps. For more information, see the Moving from User- to Device-based VPP Assignments Knowledge Base article.

VPP-Managed Distribution for Users

Jamf Pro also allows you to distribute Mac App Store apps and books to users for VPP-managed distribution. Because VPP-managed distribution for users is user-based, it involves VPP user registration and VPP user assignments. For more information, see Apple's Volume Purchasing User Registration and User-Based VPP Assignments.

VPP-managed distribution for users requires computers with macOS 10.9 or later.

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