Enrollment Customization Settings

The Enrollment Customization settings in Jamf Pro allow you to further customize the experience for a user when they enroll their computer or mobile device with Jamf Pro via a PreStage enrollment. For example, you can display an End User License Agreement (EULA) during enrollment or other custom messaging as the user advances through the Setup Assistant.

Configuring the Enrollment Customization settings involves adding a group of settings (called "PreStage Panes") that allow you to customize how the screens display to users during the Setup Assistant. This creates an Enrollment Customization configuration that you can add to a PreStage enrollment.

PreStage Panes

A PreStage Pane is a group of settings that allow you to customize the screens that are displayed to the user during enrollment with Jamf Pro. The PreStage Panes are displayed to the user as screens during the Setup Assistant and are presented after the user chooses a Wi-Fi Network or other connection to the Internet.

The following table describes the types of PreStage Panes that you can configure and how the panes are displayed to the user:

Type of PreStage Pane


User Experience

Single Sign-On Authentication

If you have Single Sign-On enabled in Jamf Pro, configuring this pane automatically applies the settings configured in the Single Sign-On settings to enable the user to authenticate with your Identity Provider (Idp) using SSO.

This automatically assigns the user to their device in Jamf Pro. If LDAP is integrated with Jamf Pro, the User and Location information will be fully populated using a lookup from Jamf Pro to LDAP. If LDAP is not integrated with Jamf Pro, the Username field will be the only item populated in the User and Location category, and user lookup will not work during enrollment.

Note: You can only add one Single Sign-on Authentication PreStage Pane to an Enrollment Customization configuration.

A screen is presented to the user that displays your Idp's login screen prompting the user to authenticate.

The Setup Assistant automatically proceeds after the user authenticates.


This pane allows you to enter custom text to display to the user during enrollment, such as a EULA. You can also enter text to label the navigational buttons to guide the user through each screen.

You can configure as many Text PreStage Panes that fit your environment.

After you add a Text pane, you can preview the user experience in Jamf Pro.

Note: You can only enter text in plain text format. This pane does not support HTML or Markdown.

A screen is displayed with the text and navigational buttons you configured in Jamf Pro.

If you add multiple Text PreStage Panes, the user transitions to each screen by clicking or tapping the navigational buttons. The Setup Assistant automatically proceeds after the user transitions through the last screen you configured.

You can drag-and-drop PreStage Panes in the order you want them displayed to the user. If you added a Single Sign-On Authentication PreStage Pane and a Text PreStage Pane, the transition between each type of pane is accomplished when the user authenticates in the Idp login screen or uses the navigational buttons.


To add a Single Sign-On Authentication PreStage Pane, you must have Single Sign-on enabled in Jamf Pro. For more information, see Single Sign-On.

The Enrollment Customization settings apply to the following:

  • Mobile devices with iOS 13 or later, and iPadOS 13 or later

  • Computers with macOS 10.15 or later

Creating an Enrollment Customization Configuration

  1. Log in to Jamf Pro.

  2. In the top-right corner of the page, click Settings images/download/thumbnails/79168389/Settings_Icon.png .

  3. Click Global Management.

  4. Click Enrollment Customization images/download/thumbnails/79168389/enrollment-customization.png .

  5. Click New images/download/thumbnails/79168389/Icon_New_Button.png .

  6. Enter a display name and description for the Enrollment Customization configuration.

  7. Choose a site to add the Enrollment Customization configuration to from the Site pop-up menu.
    Adding an Enrollment Customization configuration to a site allows you to add the configuration to a PreStage enrollment in that same site.

    Note: If you have site access only, the profile is assigned to the applicable site automatically and the Site pop-up menu is not displayed.

  8. Add PreStage Panes to customize the enrollment experience:

    1. Click Add Pane.

    2. In the Add Pane dialog, enter a display name for the pane that will identify it in the list of PreStage Panes.

    3. Choose the type of PreStage Pane you want to add from the Pane Type pop-up menu.

    4. Configure the settings for the PreStage Pane.

      Note: If you are configuring a Text PreStage Pane as the first screen presented to the user in the configuration, the button for navigating back in the enrollment process is not displayed. If the pane is the last screen in the configuration, the button to navigate forward initiates the enrollment process.

    5. Click Apply.

  9. Repeat step 8 to add additional PreStage Panes to the Enrollment Customization configuration.

  10. (Optional) To view how a Text PreStage Pane will display to users during enrollment, click Preview next to each pane you want to view.

    Note: The preview is a generic view rendered in Jamf Pro of what will display to the end user. The screen may look different based on the type of device the user is enrolling with Jamf Pro.

  11. Click Save.

After you create an Enrollment Customization configuration, you can add the configuration to a PreStage enrollment.

Further Considerations

  • If a user is unable to authenticate using their Idp credentials at the Single Sign-On Authentication screen, the enrollment process cannot continue until the correct credentials are entered.

  • You cannot delete an Enrollment Customization configuration if the configuration has been added to a PreStage enrollment. To delete the configuration, you must first remove it from the PreStage.

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