Additional Resources

Jamf Nation
The Jamf Nation website allows you to communicate with other Jamf Pro administrators via discussions, submit feature requests, and access several different types of resources related to Jamf Pro.

Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base contains hundreds of articles that address frequently asked questions and common issues.

Product Documentation

To access the following product documentation for a specific Jamf Pro version, log in to Jamf Nation and go to:

  • Jamf Pro Release Notes
    The release notes include a list of new features, bug fixes, and known issues. They also explain how to upgrade Jamf Pro, and what you need to do to take advantage of new features.

  • Jamf Pro installation and configuration guides
    These guides provide information on installing and configuring Jamf Pro on supported Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms. They also explain how to perform advanced configuration and troubleshooting tasks.

  • QuickStart Guides
    The QuickStart Guide for Managing Computers and the QuickStart Guide for Managing Mobile Devices serve as a starting point for new Jamf Pro administrators. They provide simplified workflows for performing basic administrative tasks, such as inventory and software distribution, and they reference related sections in the Jamf Pro Administrator’s Guide.

In addition, you can search Jamf Nation to find technical documentation for other Jamf Pro apps, and technical papers that provide best-practice, step-by-step instructions on common workflows.

Other Resources

For access to other Jamf Pro-related resources, visit the following webpages:

  • Resources on
    The Resources area on the Jamf website gives you access to product documentation, technical papers, and more.

  • Jamf 100 Course
    The Jamf 100 Course offers a self-paced introduction to Jamf Pro and an enterprise-focused foundation of the macOS, iOS, and tvOS platforms.

  • Jamf Knowledge Base Videos
    The Jamf YouTube channel features Knowledge Base videos and troubleshooting tips on managing computers and mobile devices with Jamf Pro.

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