About Computer Enrollment

Enrollment is the process of adding Mac computers to Jamf Pro. When computers are enrolled, inventory information for the computers is submitted to Jamf Pro.

Enrolling computers makes them managed by Jamf Pro. This allows you to perform inventory tasks and remote management and configuration tasks on the computers. When you enroll computers, you specify a local administrator account that you want to use to manage them (called the “management account”).

Note: Enrolling computers with macOS 10.9 or earlier using a PreStage enrollment allows you to search and report on the computers as part of your inventory; however, this process alone does not make the computers managed by Jamf Pro.

There are several ways to enroll computers with Jamf Pro:

  • User-initiated enrollment—You can allow users to enroll their own computers by having them log in to an enrollment portal where they follow the onscreen instructions to download and install a QuickAdd package.

  • Use a QuickAdd package created with Recon—You can use Recon to create a QuickAdd package that enrolls computers when it is installed. This type of QuickAdd package can be deployed using almost any deployment tool, such as Apple Remote Desktop or Jamf Pro. You can also give the QuickAdd package to users to install.

  • Use the network scanner—You can remotely enroll multiple computers in specified IP ranges by using the network scanner in Recon. Recon scans the specified IP ranges and enrolls any computers that it can connect to over SSH (Remote Login).

  • Run Recon remotely on a single computer—If you know the IP address of the computer that you want to enroll and SSH (Remote Login) is enabled on the computer, you can enroll the computer by running Recon remotely.

  • Run Recon locally—If you have physical access to the computer that you want to enroll, you can run Recon locally on the computer.

  • Image computers—You can enroll computers by imaging them with a configuration that is associated with a management account.

  • Use a PreStage enrollment—A PreStage enrollment allows you to store enrollment and computer setup settings in Jamf Pro and use them to enroll new computers with Jamf Pro. In addition to reducing the amount of time and interaction it takes to prepare new computers for use, this enrollment method makes the computers MDM capable. Computers with macOS 10.10 or later can also be managed automatically when using a PreStage enrollment.
    This enrollment method requires an Apple Deployment Programs account. For more information, see the Integrating with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Knowledge Base article.

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