Networking and Ports

This entire session is dedicated to ensuring your network infrastructure is set up and ready for communication with your Jamf Pro server. A reference chart of all of the Network Ports used by Jamf can be found here: Additionally, if you need to configure any of your internal services for the Jamf Cloud IPs, you can refer to this article:

To assist in discovery and troubleshooting network configuration, there are several tools available:

iOS Devices

These are apps available on the App Store that show you if APNs is working properly:

  • Netstat

  • Services Test


  • Push Diagnostics: This is an application available for purchase on the Mac App Store that shows you if APNs is communicating properly on your network.

  • Port Scanner: This is a function of the Network Utility Application that allows you to enter an IP Address or a URL and a range of port numbers to check which ports are open to that IP address or URL.

  • Netcat and Telnet: These are command prompt commands that allow you to check open ports. Netcat works on Mac and Linux, and Telnet works on all platforms.

    • Netcat: nc -z URL-OR-IP PORT

      • Example: nc -z 5223

    • Telnet: telnet URL-OR-IP PORT

      • Example: telnet 5223

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