Sites are organizational components that allow you to control which items each JSS user can manage. Implementing sites in your environment involves adding sites to the JSS, granting JSS users access to sites, and adding items to sites.

When a user logs in to the JSS with an account that has access to a site, the user sees only the items that belong to that site. If the user has access to multiple sites, a pop-up menu is displayed at the top of the page, allowing the user to switch between sites.

There are three ways to add sites to the JSS:

  • Add each site manually

  • Automatically create a site for each existing building

  • Automatically create a site for each existing department

Note: You can only create sites from buildings or departments if you are adding sites for the first time and have buildings or departments set up in the JSS.

Creating sites from buildings or departments automatically adds computers and mobile devices to the site that corresponds with the building or department they belong to.

Adding a Site

  1. Log in to the JSS with a web browser.

  2. In the top-right corner of the page, click Settings images/download/thumbnails/15176356/Settings_icon.png .

  3. Click Network Organization.

  4. Click Sites images/download/thumbnails/15176356/Sites.png .

  5. Click New images/download/thumbnails/15176356/New_icon.png .

  6. If prompted, choose a method for adding sites:

    • To add sites manually, select Add sites manually and click Next.

    • To create a site for each existing building, select Create sites from buildings and click Next.

    • To create a site for each existing department, select Create sites from departments and click Next.

  7. If prompted, enter a display name for the site and click Save.

Adding Items to a Site

The following items can be added to a site:

  • Computers

  • Mobile devices

  • Users

  • Peripherals

  • Enrollment invitations

  • Enrollment profiles

  • Advanced searches

  • Smart groups

  • Static groups

  • Policies

  • Configuration profiles

  • Managed Preference profiles

  • PreStages

  • Restricted software records

  • Licensed software records

  • Classes

  • Apps

  • eBooks

  • Device Enrollment Program instances

  • PreStage enrollments

  • VPP accounts

  • Network integration instances

There are several ways to add computers to a site:

There are several ways to add mobile devices to a site:

There are several ways to add users to a site:

To add other items to a site, you choose a site from the Site pop-up menu when configuring the items in the JSS.

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