Known Issues

Third-party Software

The following issues are the result of bugs that have been found in third-party software. Jamf has filed defects for these bugs and is awaiting their resolution.

  • The "Allow all" or "Prevent all” cellular data usage and data roaming usage settings cannot be edited after they have been set on a mobile device with iOS 9.

  • [D-004382] Tapping the URL in an email enrollment invitation on an iOS 6 device draws a blank page. Users should copy-and-paste the URL into the Safari app instead.

  • [D-005532] macOS configuration profiles with a Login Window payload that is configured to deny users and groups the ability to log in fail to do so.

  • [D-005882] The Computer administrators may refresh or disable management option in a Login Window payload of a macOS configuration profile is not applied at login.

  • [D-005900] The JSS fails to install configuration profiles with a Web Clip payload on computers with macOS v10.9.

  • [D-006026] The JSS fails to restrict Game Center when the Allow use of Game Center checkbox is deselected in the Restrictions payload in macOS configuration profiles.

  • [D-006250] A customized Self Service web clip icon uploaded using the JSS will revert to the default Casper Suite icon on iOS 7 devices.

  • [D-006393] The Start screen saver after: option in a Login Window payload of a macOS configuration profile is not applied on computers with macOS v10.8.4 or v10.8.5.

  • [D-006662] Installed macOS configuration profiles that include a VPN payload with the Use Hybrid Authentication checkbox selected append “[hybrid]” to the group name in the VPN authentication settings on the computer, which causes group authentication to fail.

  • [D-006758] iOS configuration profiles with a Single App Mode payload fail to require a passcode on supervised iOS 7 devices when the devices have a passcode and are locked.

  • [D-006979] When enrolling a computer using a QuickAdd package, the QuickAdd installer incorrectly prompts users for local administrator credentials twice if the Restrict re-enrollment to authorized users only checkbox is selected.

  • [D-007004] iOS configuration profiles with a cookies restriction fail to set the specified restriction and hide other cookies restrictions on the device. The restrictions that are hidden depend on the restriction specified in the profile.

  • [D-007245] The configuration page fails to display correctly when enrolling a mobile device via PreStage enrollment.

  • [D-007486] SMB shares sometimes fail to mount on a computer with macOS v10.9.

  • [D-007511] If the option to skip the Restore page is selected for a PreStage enrollment in the JSS, the Restore page is not skipped during enrollment if the enrollment process is restarted during the Setup Assistant.

  • [D-007537] Location Services are incorrectly disabled when the Allow modifying Find My Friends settings (Supervised devices only) checkbox is deselected in the Restrictions payload of an iOS configuration profile.

  • [D-007628] iOS configuration profiles made available in Self Service cannot be removed manually from mobile devices with iOS 8 even when the profiles are configured to allow removal. Workaround: Remove the mobile device from the scope of the profile.

  • [D-007638] An in-house eBook set to the "Install Automatically" distribution method will display as "Untitled" until it is opened on a mobile device.

  • [D-007721] iOS configuration profiles with a Mail payload configured to log in to the app using a specified password fail to require a password after the configuration profile has been removed and redistributed to require a password on mobile devices with iOS 6.

  • [D-007823] Policies configured to require users to enable FileVault 2 in a disk encryption payload fail to do so on a computer with macOS v10.10.

  • [D-007825] macOS configuration profiles with a Software Update payload configured to allow installation of macOS beta releases fail to make macOS beta releases available to users.

  • [D-007860] When the User value in the Exchange payload of a macOS configuration profile is an email address, a macOS Mail app user cannot authenticate and access their email on macOS v10.10 computers.

  • [D-007898] If a PreStage enrollment is configured with the Make MDM Profile Mandatory checkbox selected and a user skips the Wi-Fi configuration step during the OS X Setup Assistant process, the computer will not be enrolled with the JSS.

  • [D-007969] Compiled configurations created with Casper Admin using the {{InstallESD.dmg}} file for macOS v10.10 fail to create a “Recovery HD” partition when the configuration is used to image computers.

  • [D-008018] The JSS cannot connect to an Open Directory server hosted on macOS Server v10.10 using CRAM-MD5 authentication.

  • [D-008152] End users are incorrectly prompted for an Airplay password when attempting to Airplay to a device for which an AirPlay password has been specified using a macOS configuration profile.

  • [D-008167] When multiple Casper Suite disk images are mounted, the JSS Installer installs the version of the Casper Suite included in the disk image that was mounted first.

  • [D-008212] If a mobile device is enrolled using a PreStage enrollment and is then re-added to the server token file (.p7m), the device becomes unassigned and the JSS incorrectly displays the device as still being in the scope of the PreStage enrollment.

  • [D-008286] When VMware Fusion is closed on a client computer, the computer loses its connection with the JSS.

  • [D-008309] A guest user is able to log in from the FileVault 2 login window when a configuration profile was used to disallow guest users and FileVault 2 is configured for the current or next user.

  • [D-008688] macOS configuration profiles that include a Network payload configured with 802.1X authentication and the Auto Join checkbox selected fail to automatically connect a computer to the network after the computer leaves sleep mode.

  • [D-008806] The dsconfigad binary fails to bind a computer to a directory service if the service account password contains an exclamation point (!).

  • [D-008920] A policy that contains an macOS v10.10.3 installer causes a computer with macOS v10.10.2 or earlier to become unresponsive.

  • [D-009110] Configuration profiles with the “Internal Disks: Allow” option disabled do not prevent the use of memory cards.

  • [D-009450] A macOS configuration profile with a Password payload incorrectly enforces a number of complex characters equal to the last value used.

Jamf Software Server

The following issues are known in the JSS:

  • Computers with macOS 10.13 using the Apple File System (APFS) and encrypted with FileVault, when FileVault Escrow is enabled, incorrectly report a null user in the JSS.

  • Deploying several in-house apps simultaneously to a large environment may cause significant delays in app deployment time. If you have questions or need more information, contact your Jamf account representative.

  • Entering incorrect credentials on the JSS login page redirects to /logout.html which causes the next login attempt to fail unless the URL is changed manually.

  • To install applications on Apple TV devices, tvOS 10.2 or later is required. Although earlier versions do not support app installation, the Apps tab displays in the JSS for all mobile device records.

  • When Apple TV devices are in Single App Mode, users cannot install apps.

  • When using the AirPlay Security payload in mobile device configuration profiles to set a password, if using a replacement variable, the replacement variable is recorded in device inventory instead of the updated password.

  • [PI-002791] Mac App Store apps do not update automatically when the distribution method is set to “Install Automatically/Prompt Users to Install” and the Automatically update app checkbox is selected.

  • [PI-003356] The JSS may incorrectly display placeholder text in Settings.
    Workaround: Clear your web browser cache.

  • [PI-003771] When the Account Settings payload is configured for a computer PreStage enrollment, the MDM profile is installed on the computer, but the jamf binary may not install due to a timeout.

  • [PI-003940] Beginning with the Casper Suite v9.98, Android devices do not update after first enroll. The following commands are also unable to complete: Install Personal Device Profile, Wipe Institutional Device, and Lock Device.

  • [PI-003952] Attachments added to Apple TV devices during enrollment do not display in the devices’ inventory information.

  • [PI-004196] When Single Sign-On authentication is enabled in the JSS, sometimes administrators are not able to reliably configure which sites are visible to a user during user-initiated enrollment.

  • [PI-004375] When using the AirPlay Security payload in mobile device configuration profiles to set a password, if using a replacement variable, the replacement variable is recorded in device inventory instead of the updated password.

Casper Focus

Due to the issues known in Casper Focus, Jamf does not recommend using Casper Focus with iOS 9.3.2 or later or the Casper Suite v9.96 or later. For the best iOS classroom management experience, Jamf recommends using Apple Classroom.

The following issues are known in Casper Focus:

  • [D-008567] When a student device with iOS 8 is focused on a website, multiple icons with the website link are displayed.

  • [D-009443] Casper Focus fails to focus a student device with iOS 7 on the attention screen if the device was being focused on an app or website.

  • [PI-002319] Changing the focus from one app to another fails on student devices with iOS 9.3.2 to later. The following error message is displayed as a result: ”Focus failed: the device may not be connected to a network." As a workaround, remove the focus from the student devices. Then, after a message displays indicating that the focus was removed, focus the devices on the desired app.

  • [PI-002359] Focus commands fail on student devices with iOS 10 until the devices are reset.

  • [PI-002858] Changing the focus from an app to a website fails on student devices with iOS 9 or 10.

  • [PI-004106] Focusing student devices on an app or the attention screen fails.

  • [PI-004107] Focusing student devices with iOS 11 on iBooks or Safari fails.

Casper Admin

The following issue is known in Casper Admin:

Due to changes in the way Casper Admin manages macOS installers for macOS 10.12.4 or later, the InstallESD.dmg file is no longer automatically extracted from the macOS file.

Workaround: For macOS 10.12.4, 10.12.5, and 10.12.6, manually extract the InstallESD.dmg from the update file and upload it to Casper Admin. On the General tab, select the Item is a DMG with an OS X Installer, or Adobe Updater/Installer for CS3 or CS4 checkbox, and click OK. The use of macOS installers for imaging is deprecated in macOS 10.13.

Casper Imaging

The following issues are known in Casper Imaging:

  • Casper Imaging does not populate information saved in a PreStage imaging configuration if using the List of Names method for naming computers.

  • [PI-004382] Computers with APFS-formatted drives cannot be imaged. At this time, only HFS+ formatted drives can be imaged.

If you need assistance or have questions, contact your Jamf account representative.

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