Deprecations and Removals

The following functionality has been deprecated:

  • Casper Focus—The Casper Focus app has been deprecated and will not be updated beyond the currently available version (9.96). Casper Focus will be removed from the App Store in August 2018, at which time it will no longer be available to new customers. Jamf will continue to offer technical support for existing Casper Focus customers until August 2018.
    Jamf recommends using Apple Classroom for the best iOS classroom management experience. Information on best practices for migrating from Casper Focus to the Classroom app will be available soon. In the meantime, if you are currently using Casper Focus and need assistance or have questions, contact your Jamf account representative.
    Note: Due to the known issues in Casper Focus, Jamf does not recommend using Casper Focus with iOS 9.3.2 or later or Jamf Pro 9.96 or later. For more information, see Known Issues.

  • Jamf Distribution Server (JDS)—JDS functionality will be removed in a future release of Jamf Pro. The JDS was discontinued at the end of 2017 due to the following issues:

    • Reliance on TLS 1.0

    • Incompabilitiy with InnoDB for MySQL

    • Incompatibility with Jamf Pro 9.100.0 and later
      Jamf does not recommend using the JDS in its current state, and the installers have been removed from Jamf Nation. For questions or assistance in migrating away from the JDS, contact your Jamf account representative.

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